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Hi, I’m new to Episode writing. How do you pan to a different zone while having narration? No characters are on the screen, so I’m not sure how to format that in the script.

To pan use this command-
@pan to zone #

And to have narration while panning just write it like this-

&pan to zone #

Use this sign “&” when you want a animation happen simultaneously one after another without pause…

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Thanks so much!

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So im trying to get my characters to get into a car and drive off but whenever I do the characters move but not in time with the car so it looks really off so I was wondering if anyone could help me

Thank you!! But I followed that guide and I got it to correct enter a scene but idk it just keeps messing up when I want to drive off with the characters

Can you post your code?

EXT. BRICK MANSION - DAY with CAR ANGLE SILVER to 0.872 -758 -48
@zoom on 176 430 to 195% in 0
@ROSS changes into BLUE
@COLE changes into LEATHER
@ROSS spot 0.832 173 177 AND ROSS faces left AND ROSS is arms_crossed_angry AND COLE spot 1.032 -306 -85 AND COLE faces right
@speechbubble is 117 173 to 65% with tail_top_right
(I can’t believe this asshole actually left me.)
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@pause for a beat
&COLE walks to spot 1.032 106 -85 in 3.0 AND COLE does it while idle
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to -342 -48 in 3.0
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to 0.872 0.872
ROSS (talk_neutral)
If I miss my group session, I’m beating your ass.
@speechbubble is 171 106 to 65% with tail_top_left
COLE (flirt_fingersnap)
Love you too, bro.
@ROSS is eyeroll
@ROSS walks to spot 0.832 80 147 in 2
@ROSS spot 1.032 106 -90 AND ROSS faces right
@COLE is laugh_crack_up
@pause for a beat
&COLE walks to spot 1.032 395 -74 in 3.0 AND COLE does it while idle
&ROSS walks to spot 1.032 395 -74 in 3.0 and ROSS does it while arms_crossed_angry
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 312 -102 in 3.0
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to 0.872 0.872

You need to use the & sign instead of @ for the overlay shift. Right now they happen seperately.
Also put in the same time - 3.0 - for the size change as you have for the car moving, else they won’t be in sync. Or, as you don’t seem to change the size, skip the scale to altogether.


Do you guys know how to get those bars you know, where it shows on top of the story. Like, it’s all the way on the top. It’s like a narrator chat but smaller and is on the top


That is a reader message. Use:
readerMessage Write your stuff here.

Thank you!

Soooo another crazy stupid question how do i make my character have pajama pants on in a morning wake up screen… also I’m writing most of it on app except for choices overlays backgrounds so use web for that just use mobile for main wording script as of now till i can figure out all commands… thanks

Have you made an outfit for pajamas?

yes mam @WolfGamerGirl37 but it shows her in her default outfit for some reason

Alright, you will need to make her change outfits before the scene starts. You can do this during the opening of the scene before it appears.
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit Name
Once you do that, she should be in the right outfit when she appears on the screen.

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ok so after beat starts put that then put the scene in correct?

@WolfGamerGirl37 thanks a bunches that fixed it!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Yep, Your welcome!

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