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ok i think i get it but how would you do that exactly?? thanks

so that would be like a wedding dress choice or date choice that you do in store and then bring up later on?

Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

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okay gotcha lol thank you!!

@Apes i remember a while back you had told me or @RudeInception one had told me about this place i can get more backgrounds and i don’t think i bookmarked it and cant find it is there anyway you can refresh memory on how or where i can do that? i need some backgrounds from the city part and country part of NC and episode don’t have the one i’m looking for but if i have to i will use it. also once i find it how do i ask for their approval on them?

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Check for sure Episode Life

Also, check the Instagram accounts

Any Instagram accounts that offer free backgrounds?
Instagram Accounts for backgrounds edits

When you upload one, you can start working with it immediately but it will come up as a warning until its get approved.

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Can you write & publish stories on a chrome book?

You definitely should be able to since google chrome is the best browser for this specific website.


How do people use timed emotions? coz everytime i do it it shows up as an error, and i cat find any tutorials on it

You can’t time the emotions. One thing is you can do is short it a bit for example using a short pause.

For example:
@CHARACTER starts eyeroll
@pause for 0.4
&CHARACTER starts disappointed

&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.5
&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.5

or use THEN command

&CHARACTER starts talk_phone_angry_loop and pause for 0.5 then CHARACTER starts talk_phone_sad_loop and pause for 0.5

Can someone teach how to make the camera follow a character in a different zone and in a different spot?

hello! is there anybody that could show me an example script for a character in a car driving down a looping street?

&APRIL spot 1.252 38 -198 AND APRIL faces right AND APRIL is text_phone_neutral_loop AND MUM spot 1.250 173 -192 AND MUM faces right AND MUM is talk_neutral

Do you know that 1 line customization template? The one that looks like the mobile creation one?

@CHARACTER goes to character avatar

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Thank you so much!

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How do you bring up that little “top bubble” (not talking about a regular dialogue bubble)?

To be more specific, authors use them when crediting overlays/backgrounds?


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How do you get your characters to sit in a car overlay that you created