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How do you bring up that little “top bubble” (not talking about a regular dialogue bubble)?

To be more specific, authors use them when crediting overlays/backgrounds?


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How do you get your characters to sit in a car overlay that you created

thank you bunches :grinning: :smile:

thank you, this helped a lot!

Use layers and spot directing


what did i do wrong? i have re wrote it i dont know how many times is it because she is sitting neutral talking in car at beginning of scene?

@apes i used some of your car example with the template on episode life to get it started just replaced names and scene

15th attempt to fix nothing works :tired_face: so im gonna give it a brainrest for the night lol, maybe something will come thru in the am!

thank you @brvnda that working so far lol until next mess up… now i know why i didnt want to use computer jk :smile:

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Question: can I publish even if I only have one episode?

Thank you

You need a minimum of 3 episodes to publish

Does anyone know where I can get a blanket or duvet overlay for my story, my character looks cold when she is laying on top of her bed sheets! Can credit anyone, just need a blanket overlay please.

Thank you.

Have a look here :blush:

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Do you know how I would put my overlay in one spot instead of it shifting?

Thank you for the link to the overlays by the way really appreciate it!

Add it to The background

Here’s how:

And no problem :grin: