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What are all the places I can position my characters?
IE, screen left, screen right, screen center
But I remember there being something about back screen or something like that??

Hi so I was wondering how do you make your character walk off screen below the default scale 1.280? I never understood how to do that

You’d have to spot them into the zone that they were exiting to, and basically move them to the next scene, take note of the spot and place them there

alright thanks !

@CHARACTER stands screen right
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@CHARACTER stands screen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen right
@CHARACTER stands back far left
@CHARACTER stands back left
@CHARACTER stands back right
@CHARACTER stands back far right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen left

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Have a look here as well :slight_smile:

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thank you.
i know i’ve already asked but is there a mass overlay for a large classroom?
all I have is one desk overlay

There’s no overlay like that. Ask in resources section for sure someone will make you one :slight_smile:

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Thank you sm !

do I need #beat starts/ends to write a story?

Only if you’re writing on Mobile Creation

Thank you.

Can someone please help me? It’s saying there’s an error when I typed this:

    YOU (talk_happy_agree)
I'll turn off the lights.

@follow YOU to spot 0.542 134 318 in zone 3

@YOU is tinker_loop_rear AND YOU faces right

I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.


You can’t follow a character to a spot. You will need to use a pan to act like the follow command by playing with the timing of the walk and pan.

&YOU walks to spot 0.542 134 318 in zone 3 in 5
@pan to zone 3 in 4.5


Hey guys I have another problem… You see I wanted to see if my choices between episodes work and it work with “yes” but when I checked to see if the “no” choice worked it always went to yes. How to I fix that?

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Can you send the script or how did write the no choice? This is usually how you do it



goto label

dont write the @ symbol

How can I use a “HAIR AND MAKE-UP” customization script more than once without having to change all the labels so it doesn’t take me back to the start of the episode? Only hair and make-up not whole character creation?

(without animations)

Any help is welcomed. Kinda losing my mind.


Answered HERE :slight_smile: