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Yes! I agree these errors are annoying and because of them I can’t see others, we know we can’t publish until it’s approved .

Yes!! Why do they do that to us? This bothers us so much…

We are talking about the error poping up every time until gets approved.

ty tht helped out allot

im having trouble on using layers, does anyone know how to?

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Each character has their own set of points and they all start with a score of 0.
Readers can gain or lose points depending on what choices they make.
You can add points to your actual characters, or you could create a new character and name it ROMANCE, FRIENDSHIP, HONESTY, etc. and create a point system for each category.

There are 2 ways to add/subtract points:

right next to their name when they speak
a simple @ command
Here is an example:

GIRL (talk_flirt)
Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

“Be nice” {

BOY (talk_happy_smile) +2
Such a pleasure to meet you!

} “Be neutral” {

BOY (talk_neutral)
Oh hi.
@BOY +1

} “Be mean” {

BOY -2 (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Don’t talk to me.

To create different outcomes depending on how many points were gained or lost, you will need to use the if/elif/else method.

BOY (talk_flirt)
Do you want to go on a date with me?

if (BOY > 1) {

GIRL (talk_excited)
I would absolutely love that!

} elif (BOY = 1) {

GIRL (talk_shrug)
Yea that sounds fine.

} else {

GIRL (talk_repulsed)
Ew as if, loser!

To reset a character’s points back to zero, use this command:

If you want an outcome based on which character has more points than another character, you would use this for the if/elif method:

if (BOY > GIRL) {

} elif (BOY < GIRL) {

} else {
[this is if they equal each other]

(I don’t know if this is what you were looking for but I hope it helps! Quoted from Dara.Amarie)

Is it possible to change the look of a speech box? Like when the narrator is talking can you change the look of that box?

Not yet. Like they said they’re slowly releasing the new speech bubbles and you’ll be able to change the style without creating a new story.

For now you can make it smaller/bigger and add some text effects if you want.

Okay thanks anyway :smiley:

Can you take a look and tell me what’s wrong. I’m trying to do a dressing game but it says this instead…

You can’t have labels inside the choice. Is this dressing game is inside the choice?

Yeah it’s inside the choice

You need to place it outside the choice.

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Ok thanks :slight_smile:

If it’s a condition of the choice just put the goto inside the choice and make a label for this option and other one and add dressing game

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I need help i tried everything

You need a starting bracket after the choice {

Ohhhhhh… I feel stupid now… But thanks for the help :grin:

It’s ok! Sometimes I’m staring at my script as well and I can’t see a mistake I made :joy: