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Did you test it on the app?

edit: just tested it after updating my script its working on my phone lol but not on my computer

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Did you find one?
I need a zoomed up version.
@saige had one of them in a zoomed up version.

you can also cut the background to the part you want and upload to the portal

Is there a way to add multiple overlays in one scene?

Yes :slight_smile:

More about overlays:

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Hey, I’m just wondering, how to you make a character walk from lets say Zone 1 to Zone 2? Like @CHARACTER walks …etc. That’s the bit I’m unsure of, the command.

You can use:

@CHARACTER walks to screen center in zone 2


@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in zone 2

More about spot walking:

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Ah, okay, thanks so much!

How do I make the character look like she is flying in from the top of the screen to the bottom?

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You have to place your character offscreen top and use walks to spot command but make sure you use does it while instead of is animation you want.

You can also check the template from Jospeh Evan’s site (it’s actually falling) but it’s someth similar you have to do

How do you only give people certain options while customizing a character?
Also, when choosing an outfit how do you give them a few options for hair and makeup?

You need to cut it out the parts you don’t want from the template. PM me if you need a help with that.

HERE’s the example of a template with just a few options.

Thank you so much!

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How do you zoom in?

Here’s the simple guide :slight_smile:

Thank you @Apes but I might not use it. I can’t get the computer to do the zoom correctly. Or is the web previewer not very trustworthy on these things?

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Yes, you can use Web Preview but always check the final version on the app :slight_smile:

I have a few questions I want an answer for I’m so tired trying to find answers.

1 how do I use a photo/background to feature in my story like I’m on my mobile phone and my story does not have sound so how would I put a picture telling you the story has no sound

2 why won’t it let me save outfits