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I have a few questions I want an answer for I’m so tired trying to find answers.

1 how do I use a photo/background to feature in my story like I’m on my mobile phone and my story does not have sound so how would I put a picture telling you the story has no sound

2 why won’t it let me save outfits


if you’re working with mobile creation, you can’t really do nothing. You would have to do that on writers portal but you wouldn’t be able to carry on mobile, and you don’t have to use that, all you can use is narrator bubble saying that this story does not contain sound.

Yes, I noticed this as well, sometimes I can’t save it either, put refreshing page helps.

I do use the writers portal every Time I go through the clothes list it says it’s saved but when I go into the actual create avator my outfit is not there

ahh ok thanks at the very very start of my story I said there is no sound so I’ll just stick with that

Oh, yes if you’re working on mobile creation you can’t use outfits created on writers portal

dang it, but that’s ok the outfits that are already there some fit my characters personality and that’s all I care about

Here’s the Guide I made if you want to try changing anything on the writers portal

How do I use the NARRAOTR but make it have a name like someone off screen or downstairs saying it?

I think you have to have a room with more than one space add your charcter you want then put the talking in them move them to a different part of the scene


Next to NARRATOR, put the character’s name in parentheses.


Happy Birthday, Purple Ghost :birthday::grin::smile:

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Thank you, Apes! :grin: :purple_heart:

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Has anyone used the EXT. KC CAFE - DAY before? The reason I ask is that the overlay for the table is already in place when I didn’t place it there. Is there a way to move it up?

This background is already with an overlay and no you can’t move it anywhere else. :confused:

I went back to that guide that Dara made. She had a Overlay guide and I asked her. I had to make put it like this.

It made the overlay disappear from the background with an error page. Thank you for responding though.

Oh, yes I completely forgot about that! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Lol it’s okay! You did technically help me. I would never have thought to ask Dara, if you hadn’t shown me that guide she made. Thank you!

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How do you give your readers a choice to customize or to not customize? Please HELP!

Do you wish to customise your character?
“Yes” {
goto customisation


goto story_continue


label customisation
#customisation goes here
#at the end

goto story_continue

label story_continue
#story starts here

Thank you! You’re amazing!

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These were just and example labels, remember to rename one for customisation :slight_smile: also make sure you’ve something after the label (like pause, dialogue or scene) otherwise it will come up as an error.

Happy to help! :blush:

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