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How do you let readers customize multiple same gender characters in one episode for INK?

Every time I try, it always says there are errors and that there are duplicate lines. How do you fix the duplicate lines?

It’s not working. What should I do?


You need to change FEMTWO to the name of the character you want customized. The error is because the character FEMTWO does not exist in your script.

How do you add overlays onto scenes? Not where you write “EXT.BACKGROUND with AIRPLANE” or anything just like to make it pop up, is it overlay create? Or something, because I’m lost


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Thank you!

Hello! So I just had a quick question. So I decided to start fresh and am starting a story in the new format Limelight. Now I know Gen made a post about this awhile back on the old forums and obviously now I can not access that. Sooo my question is how do I spot characters off screen? Like not in zones because I understand that but like off screen. Ex. I want my character to run onto the screen and to follow her to zone 2 but she’ll be spotted off screen so I was wondering if anyone had the new numbers for that. Like I want her to enter zone 1 while running with the first spotting number: 0.701 and the third spotting number: 232. I would like help figuring the second number. I hope this all makes sense.
And thank you so much!
~Nikki D.

hi! if it isn’t too much trouble, it’d be great if someone could show me the script needed to make that nice talkshow setup. with the background INT. TALKSHOW INTERVIEW STAGE OL - DAY and overlay TALKSHOW. i can figure out the people, but the rest won’t work.

it might be too much of an inconvenience, sorry!! i just couldn’t get that table thing to go in front of the chairs

You can either use these commands:

@CHARACTER stands offscreen right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen left

Or read about Spot Directing so you know yourself how to do it :slight_smile:

Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

What’s your script so far?

i’ve never actually used overlays, so it’s very new to me. i’m not an expert, but i figured this might be close to correct? but i guess not?

when i use the director helper thing, i drag the overlay in from the far left.

Actually this background has an overlay already in so if you use just the background the characters will be behind it

i’m sorry, i don’t understand. already in it?

Yes, if the background has OL in the title that means it has already automatically an overlay in it :slight_smile: Just have a look and check, you’ll be surprised! :smiley:

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oh! lol thanks! i had no idea :joy:

Now you know :grin:

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Thank you, and yes I do know spot directing. Just a little rusty since I haven’t written on episode in a year. Anyways I figured it out so thank you. I just moved my character to 0.701 -70 232. And that worked perfectly. But thank you!!

I feel like I might have read this once before but I can’t find it anymore. Can you upload your own music for sound? Or Is it only the music episode has on hand?

It’s only what episode provides :slightly_frowning_face: