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Can you submit a picture again?

Months of practicing and learning :slight_smile:

I have trouble uploading the picture but, I have an error with the choice option.
“choice” eat_pizza
Shows error

I actually figured out!

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Ummm i think this might top my list of stupid questions but can we layer characters around overlays?

Like I saw in some stories I saw someone in a car (overlay) but they managed to put their character in front of the car if that makes sense?
Is layering possible in other words?

Of course! I’ve made a guide about layers :wink:

I was thinking on working on a secondary story but would this mess with my current story since it’s not published yet?

You can do whatever you want! :grin: if it’s not published yet, you can start another one :slight_smile:

It won’t delete the one I’m working on will it?

You can have as many stories as you want. Starting a second story will not delete your current story.

Thank you both for your response. @Apes

Remembering past outfit choices question:
This sounds like a redundant question, but looking over the guides for the “gain” options for past outfit choices…

I have like a mini closet for typical episodes I write. Because of this, there is a time (like the episode I’m writing now) where I have a flashback first before the current time in the story, where the reader had selected an outfit before.

Since a guide said that we have to input the “gain” in the “yes” option where the reader confirms their outfit, we have to put the scene based on that choice, yeah?

I guess why I’m asking is that, there is like 12 outfits I have a reader can choose from, since I separated by style. I’d have to repeat/copypaste essentially the same script for each outfit during the episode? That would take up so much space…


Unless you made a twin of the MC and only got the twin to do that one particular outfit change and then use the twin in that scene. Then you wouldn’t have to remember the chosen outfit for the flashback, nor the reader’s current day outfit for when the flashback ends.

Twin??? Oh my God why didn’t I think of that method lol

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@Apes How to make the camera move from the feet to the face of a person or to the right and then to the left?

@Apes move gradually like it the stories, when one person stare at another.

Here’s the guide I made :grin:


When do you use AND and &? Are there different circumstances needed for each? Im so confused :joy::joy:

Read this helpful post :slight_smile: it’s all answered there