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Do you mean spelling? Because you can have unlimited :joy: if it comes to errors you can’t and you won’t publish with them

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Just a quick question, for the first 3 episodes how long should they be? Or how short? I’m worried my first episode might be too long.

It’s hard to say, it all depends on your writing style and how much directing you’re using.

Have a look here:

Perfect! Thank you so much! Looks like I’m in the right margin.

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can someone please explain how to make them walk with spot directting? how to determine the numbers?

Have you read this guide?

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How do you change a character’s hair color in the story? Like is there a command something like this…?

@change CHARACTER hair color to fawn

@CHAR changes hairColor into Color Name

Thank you!! :smiley:

ok so i have tried to read it but it was not my friend and ugh did not understand it all

What are you trying to do specifically?

Does anyone know where I can use someone’s customization template for limelight? (A template where I can make the reader’s choose their own names and customize their characters, plus where the new limelight lips are added.)

For customization:

For naming characters:

how to do you make a the female character duck in a fighting scene and make them dodge a punch?

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Also do you know how to make character get points?

Which style are you using?

And read here about the points system

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episode ink

Use stand_up

it this for dodging? or to duck?