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@CHAR changes hairColor into Color Name


Thank you!! :smiley:


ok so i have tried to read it but it was not my friend and ugh did not understand it all


What are you trying to do specifically?


Does anyone know where I can use someone’s customization template for limelight? (A template where I can make the reader’s choose their own names and customize their characters, plus where the new limelight lips are added.)


For customization:

For naming characters:


how to do you make a the female character duck in a fighting scene and make them dodge a punch?


Also do you know how to make character get points?


Which style are you using?


And read here about the points system


episode ink


Use stand_up


it this for dodging? or to duck?




okay, thanks


How do you get the speech bubbles to be white with purple text like in Adrenaline and other stories?


I made a new story on Writer’s Portal and just wanted to test out Limelight.

The thing is, the one I was long working on AND plan to publish, it’s not showing anywhere.

I’m panicking, where do you see the list of stories you make??? When I make it to the main page, it says no current stories, and when I select Manage Stories, my main story not publish yet is nowhere to be found.

I deleted said Limelight story and now it’s directed me to the Tutorial Page…

Can someone help me??? Where do you view them?


Did you refresh the page?


I did! Refreshed, clicked the Episode logo on the top left and tried to select “manage stories” and it’s still directing me to the tutorial directing page. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

The story is showing up in the app as usual, for preview.