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You’d have to use the THEN command along with the & sign

&zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN and so on…


Omg I never thought of combing the commands. Thank you so much for your help😊. I couldn’t figure it out, it was really bothering me.

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Thanks for thinking of everything possible to help me and for referring me to someone who could! I’m really grateful


I’m trying to figure out how to make this little tab pop up on a screen to my reader asking them: What’s your name?; So that I could refer to them by their names

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What differece does it make when you write & and @?

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I am sorry for asking so many questions
But can you tell me how can I test my story on the app?
Like I preview it, but I want to test it on the app itself to be sure! Whenever I go to create in my episode all it shows is the tutorial not my story

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Ask away! :slight_smile:

Make sure you’re logged in into the right account first. Your story should be in Create Section


Okay thanks!

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Will someone tell me why the script does the thing it does when you but a pause for a beat before a transition

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I’m not sure what you mean

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You know, when you write pause for a beat before you put a transition, the characters appear after the transition

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Oh well, looking at your script, the pause isn’t the issue. The issue is you have a character doing an action before the other characters are added. So what I would recommend is you add & instead of the @ to the three lines that place your characters:

&IVETTE spot …
&KENZIE spot …
&KAYDEN spot …


Alrighty, thank you sm. It worked :grin:

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How to get a person to walk off screen?


You can either make them walk to another zone, or you could remove them. And you basically do the same, and put them like in the other zone then just write @remove CHARACTER

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I don’t know if this was helpful, bc I’m awful at explaining this :joy:


You can use:
@CHARACTER exits righ/left
@CHARACTER walks to offscreen right/left

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Or you just do that, cuz I dunno how to explain things :joy: