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I myself like when an author uses sound in a story. I think it can really bring the story to another level if done right. I prefer being able to hear the sounds rather than seeing the written version of it, but that is my personal opinion.

Ok. See I like it to an extent to which it’s used right but at the same time I’m used to reading old style books and writing old style and what I’m writing would need some complicated sounds that I’m not sure episode has??

Hi my story is having some problems and I tried to fix and looked for answers but it all don’t make sense . So my problem is that my music keeps playing at the beginning when it’s supposed to be playing at the middle of my story and I even put music off but it keeps playing at the beginning when it’s not supposed to

I’m curious on one thing.

When you’re doing directing involving advanced choices or remembering past choices, is the “gain” system easier to use than naming choices or whatever?

I read the original guide and wondered what’s the difference other than writing the script a bit differently. Naming choices looks more tedious than gains.


Assuming that the music is also placed where you want it to start, try clicking the Update Script button and play through the whole story (or at least the scene before) again.


For me personally, adding gains is an easier than using the whole choice. There is less you have to write, so theoretically in my mind there is less room for mistakes. But other than how you write them, I don’t think there is much of a difference.

Yes ive done that and it does the same thing


Can you post (or pm me) a picture of your script with the music (and where you want it to start) so that I can see if maybe some other weird thing is going on with it?

Okay hold on


Where (what line or command) do you want the music to stop and when do you want it to end? Currently you appear to have the music starting at the very beginning of the scene.

I want it to end before I put a new scene

Hey. Weird question but im running low on ideas so does anyone have ideas for character appearance??

Are you talking about creating character? Or Do you mean making n outfit for the character? Also what is your story about?

Hi guys, can anyone help about this music or sounds
It’s giving a error loot at the picture below
Im so fricking frustrated


Did you put @sound Sound name when putting the music in place?

@WolfGamerGirl37 no ma’am i will try put @sound
Thank you so much

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No problem!

Here is more info on how to use sound.

what is an ig?

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