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Are you talking about creating character? Or Do you mean making n outfit for the character? Also what is your story about?


Hi guys, can anyone help about this music or sounds
It’s giving a error loot at the picture below
Im so fricking frustrated



Did you put @sound Sound name when putting the music in place?


@WolfGamerGirl37 no ma’am i will try put @sound
Thank you so much


No problem!


Here is more info on how to use sound.


what is an ig?


I think that is Instagram.


Where did you see it?


on an order for a splash Thx for telling me


No problem! Just a heads up. Most people on Episode use instagram alot for orders and more.


How can I make a character talk with a NARRATOR bubble with their name above it?



To put the character’s name next to the NARRATOR bubble place the character’s script name in parenthesis next to the word NARRATOR.

Now you see YOU’s name.




It didnt work im in limelight is that why



It will work for all character styles. I made a mistake and said display instead of script. Put the script name in parenthesis, not the display name. :purple_heart:


Hi! I’ll try to explain this the best I can!

In a dressing game I want to use the gains but I also have the yes no choice after they’ve changed. How would the gains work in this case?

Here’s my current script I’m experiencing issues with

label dressing_game_1
(What should I wear today?)
“Floral” {
@ALICIA exits right
@ALICIA changes into ALICIA_floral
@ALICIA enters from right to screen center
gain Floral
goto yes_no
} “Halter neck” {
@ALICIA exits right
@ALICIA changes into ALICIA_pinkhalter
@ALICIA enters from right to screen center
gain Halter
goto yes_no
} “Silky” {
@ALICIA exits right
@ALICIA changes into ALICIA_silky
@ALICIA enters from right to screen center
gain Silky
goto yes_no
label yes_no
(Is this the right look for me?)
“Yes” {
(I love it!)
@ALICIA exits left
} “No” {
(Maybe I should try something else)
goto dressing_game_1


You need to confirm every choice to make gains work, in your dressing game the reader can gain all of them.

Here’s the example:


Thank you :smiley:


Hi! Sorry me again!

I have a bruise overlay and have managed to place it on my character’s face but how can I get it to move with my character when she’s talking?

Thanks again :slight_smile: