"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!

thank you I’m going to try it now.

If you want the reader to must have to make the right moves, you’ll have to use labels. Let me know x

ok I will

Thanks soooo much

Thanks gonna go try…I’m scared lol

sorry if this is a stupid cuestion but I don’t have idea, how do you create a title page? pleeeease
(I’m spanish sorry is something is mispelled)

What do you mean by title page? Hablo español también

qué bien! me refería a la portada de la historia pero no se como se dice la verdad.

Como una imagen?

Si, justo

Como esta?


Muy bien, estos se llaman “covers”
Pues puedes hacer dos cosas:

  1. Crear tu propio covers usando screenshot que tomaste de tu historia y editándola para mirarse atrayente
  2. Aprovechar que ay otras personas que hacen covers para otros. Aquí están.
    La mayoría creo que habla solo inglés pero tiene q ver alguien que habla español
    Sino ay me envías un mensaje y yo te ayudo comunicarte con ellos
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Muchísimas gracias, de verdad


I think this is one of the most stupid questions ever :joy:
I can publish my story without censuring bad words? Or Episode will find me (:joy:) and delete my story?!
Thanksss :heart:


Yes you can, although someone my report your story and then you have to make changes. I’ve read somewhere that f word is allowed 5 times per episode, I don’t know if it’s true :joy:


The problem is that f isn’t the only bad word I used :joy: (my MC is furios with her boyfriend and she goes crazy).
Okay I can accept to make changes, the most important thing is that my story won’t be delete!
Thanks :blush:

Hey everyone! :sparkling_heart:
I have a question this time about “gains”.

Will the gain be remembered even if it wasn’t made in the same episode?

For example:
In episode four, the MC learns what a new friend’s favorite cuisine is.

ODETTE (talk_happy_agree)
What’s your favorite cuisine?

MATÍAS (think)

MATÍAS (talk_happy_hold_fist)
You’ll never see me say no to Italian.

gain italian_food
MATÍAS (talk_happy_hand_raised)
Oh, it’s definitely Arabic.

gain arabic_food
MATÍAS (talk_gossip)
Chinese! Chinese, all the way.

gain chinese_food

So, my question is, will this gain be remembered in episode 6, like when all the friends go out to eat? :thinking:
Or do I have to modify my script?

Yes, it will be remembered. Everything looks good :slight_smile:

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