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Okay, thank you! :heart:

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This is probably the most stupid question there is, but what does “epy” stand for?

Its short for episode

OOhhhh,that makes much more sense than the word I have in mind. Thank you so much!
Ps: I thought the word was Expanded Planning Yard. (???)

Good day,

I have a few questions here.

  1. How can we let the readers alter the look (eg. skin tone, hair) in the beginning of the story?
  2. If we can do above, what about the look of people other than MC?

Thanks in advance!


For both of those you can just use a customization template for each one. Dara Amarie has a bunch of customization templates for different characters (make sure to credit her if used). To use the template, just place it in the script where you want the reader to be able to start customizing.

Thanks, it helps! :slight_smile:


I’m just wondering how you get your character to walk with their back faced to the readers?

Here is my current script…

&PIPER starts laugh_chuckle
@pause for 1
@PIPER faces left AND PIPER starts idle_rear
@pause for 1
@PIPER faces left
@PIPER walks to spot 0.830 152 204 in 3 AND PIPER does it while
@PIPER starts tinker_loop_rear
@pause for 1
@transition fade out black

Thank you! :heart:

Yes, use walk_rear

@PIPER walks to spot 0.830 152 204 in 3 AND PIPER does it while walk_rear


Ahhh! So simple! Thank you!

Could you also tell me how to make a character talk whilst off screen as at the moment I’m just using narrator bubbles?

Thank you :heart:

Place your character in different zone that the scene takes in :slight_smile: or use
@CHARACTER stands offscreen left/right


Thank you so much!!!


Can someone tell me how to put my own background in my story

You need to upload them to the art catalog. Here’s how:

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You are my queen


Hey! Um so I have been noticing that some stories include words which come up for me as spelling errors like DAAAAAAAAD!!! or AHHHHHHH!!! you know? And I was just wondering if I could still publish my story with these types of spelling errors? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, you can publish with them :slight_smile:

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oh thanks! i just thought i read somewhere that we couldn’t :sweat_smile:

You can have as many spelling errors as you want :joy:


fantastic! :joy: thanks again!!

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