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Yes, use walk_rear

@PIPER walks to spot 0.830 152 204 in 3 AND PIPER does it while walk_rear


Ahhh! So simple! Thank you!

Could you also tell me how to make a character talk whilst off screen as at the moment I’m just using narrator bubbles?

Thank you :heart:

Place your character in different zone that the scene takes in :slight_smile: or use
@CHARACTER stands offscreen left/right


Thank you so much!!!


Can someone tell me how to put my own background in my story

You need to upload them to the art catalog. Here’s how:

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You are my queen


Hey! Um so I have been noticing that some stories include words which come up for me as spelling errors like DAAAAAAAAD!!! or AHHHHHHH!!! you know? And I was just wondering if I could still publish my story with these types of spelling errors? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, you can publish with them :slight_smile:

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oh thanks! i just thought i read somewhere that we couldn’t :sweat_smile:

You can have as many spelling errors as you want :joy:


fantastic! :joy: thanks again!!

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I am a new user. I replied to your post after requiring assistance on an issue regarding errors. This was on your post "Rude’s Here To Help, but since you’re only limited (as a new user) to three posts per topic, I am continuing my question here.
I have the next two screenshots for my questions of your help. If the need is, I keep getting this one error that I just can’t seem to sort out. I have the screenshots here.41%20PM
I was using the background INT. YOUR BED - NIGHT.

Here I have the third screenshot.30%20PM

@YOU spot 1.280 43 12 in zone 2 :slight_smile:



I have a scene where it’s in a bar the main character works there as a bartender. My original idea was to have her behind the bar but there was no overlay for that . My next idea is to have her there already in the 3rd zone along with another character but i cant figure out the best way to do it. I need help please!!!

If you need a BAR overlay you can find one in @uwe.episode linktree on Instagram :slight_smile:

If you want your characters to be already in zone 3 here’s the example:

&CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 3
&CHARACTER2 stands screen left in zone 3
@cut to zone 3

Thank you I really wanted her to be behind the bar since she is a bartender lol

Use the overlay then :slight_smile: but don’t forget to credit her :slight_smile: