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I’m not sure about animations for that in LL but you have to use spot and then animation for standing up, pick up the phone and then walk to spot (offscreen) while it’s walk and talking (again I don’t know if that kinda animation exists)

@COLT is transition_sit_to_stand AND COLT is walk_talk_phone_neutral_loop

This is the full line, but when that happens, he’s walking in place and when I said to zone 3, I got an error message.

@COLT is transition_sit_to_stand THEN COLT exits left AND COLT is walk_talk_phone_neutral_loop

or use walks to spot

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Thanks again! If I had to do this without you & the community’s help, I would’ve said forget my story, lol…

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Hey, what’s the spot position for INT. HOSPITAL BED - DAY/NIGHT?

You’ll find it here for sure :smiley:

🆕 SPOT CHEAT SHEET: Episode Bed Spots Templates

Thank you!

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Hello! I have seen the use of a “splash” and I’d like to try to create one, but how do I insert it into my story, like a screen-filling overlay?
Also, can you give me ideas what I can use splashes for? I have empty background in the beginning “episode 1 - TITLE” and the end “thank you for reading”. Anything else?

Thank you in advance!

Splash it’s a usually a one zone background (640x1136)

You can also use it for mature themes warning, sound, instagram.


hey! I was just curious, in some story’s I see clothes that I can’t find when I make outfits. How do they do that?

Featured stories have exclusive outfits not available for users. :neutral_face:

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also, I want to start making splashes and overlays, but in what format? and where could i make a thread about it? tysm already!:grin::grin:

Splashes are usually jpg and overlays in png, you can create a topic in Art recourses section :blush:

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How on earth do I edit the description of my story? I cannot seem to find out

Click on more options on the top of the main page of your story

Can someone help me i am tryin to get my charcter to lay down on the bed in limelight

If you’re using episode background check my bed spot document:

just change the animation :slight_smile: (I used ink ones)

okay thank you so much

Does someone have a template for police siren lights shifting/looping/looking like they’re being animated or w/e?