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I need help!!! How do you just show the END of an animation??? Pleassseee somebody i need help lmao:sweat_smile:

sound ambient_thunderstorm_lp It says it’s incorrect. What should I do? Capture

Are you sorted now? :slight_smile:

Also I don’t know how to add people driving in cars! Could you help me?

Use looping background, you have to place your character using spot directing and use overlay :slight_smile:

Spot directing:

Then how to place car overlay:

Also, there’s a script template here:

Thanks! This helped me so much. <3 :heart:

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Whats that noise I used to make like music rewind? Like the noise you use to make your character go… “Wait… what?!”

record_scratch_stop ?

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You can’t add your own music currently, but if you’d like to support the idea go to this thread and like the first post.

how would you input the loop command?

i checked the animating overlays thread and a bit confused by the loop part. do i have to rewrite what you wrote?

Witch background is it used when you want to make the characters stay in bed(with overlay blanked) ?
They lay in bed and talk and the camera is on they’re face

Hi guys need help how to zoom down to up on the character im using limelight thank you so much

Do you mean the top view of the bed?

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Here’s the guide I made. I used ink character but it works the same for LL

The male spot is what I need help with.

@CHAR enters from right to spot % X Y

Use your character name that was just an example