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So I have seen story’s where a bullet will shoot out if a gun…HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THAT?

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The help of Dumbledore, and a full experience at Hogwarts my friend. :laughing:

HAHA…I figured it would be something very complex

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Create an overlay close to gun, then use shifts command to move it

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This might sound stupid but what are shift commands and how do you use them?

You need to read the guide of how to use this command:


Here I am with another stupid question…how do you make a picture be a profile picture?

Nvm figured it out:)

Hello guys! I am new here and some of you really help me! I have a question, too. How can I have choices at the begging of my story, so the reader can customize the character? And as the story continues the character will be saved and the reader won’t have to customize it again in every episode? All this code thing is not my thing at all! Sorry in advanced if someone asked this question before! Thanks!

Here are the templates:

And don’t worry the customisable character will be remembered through the whole story (it will not work on the Web Preview for later episodes)

thank you :blue_heart:

This may sound stupidish but when I’m on episode and it’s a ll story there are like these small captions that pop up at the top and I want to know how to use it, if anyone knows how .
Thanks xx

readerMessage your message here

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

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Thanks <33

i know this is a stupid question, but how do i add a chat bubble without a person in the screen?

If you mean a speech bubble then I don’t believe you can. But you can move characters off screen using ‘Spot Directing’. Also, if you need the speechbubble to be at a certain spot then you can use the ‘Bubble Helper’ in the previewer.

I’m trying to add a couple of splash cards at the start of my chapters - ‘this story has sound’ as well as ‘Mature theme’ card, etc.
I get an error message that tells me I need something in between. Do I have to or is there some trick to bypass this?

Use pause for a few seconds or/and transition :slight_smile: