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I see.
That makes SO much sense now :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot @Purple_Ghost

P.S. love your top secret screenshot.

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I would like to ask about the loop backgroungs:
Can you ever change somehow the direction it moves?
(I mean that if you just write the loop it moves to the left)

No, unfortunately you can’t :frowning:

Oh, thank you anyways :blush:

@Character spot 0.400 155 283 AND CHARACTER is idle_sad

Then I want a car overlay to enter from the left with a person in it.
How to do so? PLZ help

You need to use spot directing for this and layers.

Read this very clear guide:


Just a random question does anyone know any free aps you can use to make covers ?


On mobile I know a lot of people use ibisPaint X. On computer, I use Pixlr.

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Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m new in this community and i’m currently working on my new story in limelight. Can someone please help me zoom on a character as it appears on screen. I want to zoom on a character from her toes(shoes) upward whiles the character appears on screen (walking). Can someone help please:sweat:

Welcome to the forums @ardina :grin:

Did you place your character on the screen? Are you familiar with spot directing?

yes i placed my character on screen and yes i’m abit good with spot directing (6-10). but i want to zoom on the character from toe to head

Focus the zoom on the feet. Copy the coordinates to your script. Then move zoom up on the characters face copy the script but this time change the time
@zoom on x y to % in 4
Zoom will move up from toes to head in 4s

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Hey! First, thank you so much for answering all of our ‘stupid’ questions, I’ve found the answer to a couple of questions already, so that’s really amazing.
I just have a quick question: how long would one episode normally be?

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It depends if you have a lot of coding/ advanced directing really. I keep mine 1300-2000 lines. I would say episode should be around 7-10 min long. But we all have different preferences.

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I found the old thread and different opinions :slight_smile: have a read

Hi! can anyone explain gaining to me? I heard a few people talk about it here but I don’t know how to use it… I know you can use it on choices and then you can make a locked choice or something that only opens if the reader gaind the right amount of points…

Have you read this thread? It covers everything. Let me know if you need more help x

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Thanks! :smiley:


Hi!Can somebody help me and tell me how can i make this facial expression?