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Does anyone know how to make a character talk, but like is inside the phone, and the background is also in the phone? (Does this make sense?)
Kind of like this:

Choose the background you want then use SELFIE FEMALE/MALE overlay from the Art Catalog (move overlay to layer 2 and character to the layer -2 for example)

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Okay, I can follow.

You can either use default placement or spot placement but always use &

&CHARACTER stands screen position in zone 2
&CHARACTER2 spot % X Y in zone 2
@pan to zone 2

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Thank you!

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You can’t unfortunately change the email but support this idea here!

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You can either create a new story and while you creating characters you can choose the style you want or delete the script/characters/outfits from your current story, then you’ll be able to change the style.

awesome! I’m still getting the hang of things. thanks for the help! :blush:

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Blush
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Black
@CHARACTER changes hair into Layered Hair
@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT1

I am looking for an animation it is something like sideswift the person is shanging from one leg to another leg.

thanks xxx

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What style is it in?


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Is is shiftweight?

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Yes that’s it i could not find it xxx

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Why can’t i get my real profile photo on my profile on the app??? I have now someone in LL i hate it.

Hey, How can you make characters move to a certain spot with another animation than walking? I see it in a lot of stories but I’m always very confused on how to do it myself.

Thank you hun ill try that =)


@CHAR walks to ________ AND CHAR is animation

You can’t change it. It’s only LL.

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