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wait NVM lol

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you need a word spot before the numbers

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yeah i just realized that haha

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Thank you!

How do I make characters customizable?

Here’s the link:

My overlays are not working @YOU also is not in front of the bar table but is behind where the bartender is meant to be. Please help





INT. BAR - DAY with NEW BAR TABLE to 2.782 -102 -3 in zone 1 at layer 2
&OLD MAN position here AND OLD MAN moves to layer -1
&YOU stands offscreen left AND YOU moves to layer 4

then she enters.

If it’s still not working I’m afraid you need to use spot directing (a lot of people have problems with this bar scene lately and layers)

ty. overlays?

for characters (sorry I wasn’t clear enough)

If this won’t work. Place your character offscreen and use walk to spot command

@CHARACTER spot % X Y AND CHARACTER moves to layer #
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in S

whats this for?

for character entering scene

but it already worked?

that’s alright then :smile: I said to use spot directing just in case

oh yes okay

how do you do that?

You add the scale variable as a negative.

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I know it’s silly question but what is that animation name of the boy

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Shocked :slight_smile:

I only have “read_phone_shoked”