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Are you looking for the bed view from the top?

yes and in the same time i don’t know how to make two people lay on the same bed

for first one you need a top view bed background

to place your characters in the bed like normal way you need to use spot directing and layers. (one character have to be behind the other one)

sorry but can you make a template

how can I get a top view bed background

Sorry, but I’m not on my laptop. Are you familiar with spot directing?

Use my bed spot cheat sheet to place character then move one behind to layer -1 and one in front to layer 1

check it on google, plenty there :smiley:

thank you so much :heart_eyes:

In my script I have
@CHARACTER is walk_neutral to screen center
Why isn’t it working

What’s wrong in this pic??

I need to know as quick as possible

@CHARACTER walks to screen center AND CHARACTER is walk_neutral

what about me?

Thx so much I’ll add that bow

One minute :joy:

You can’t combine face command and layer. Needs to be

@CHARACTER moves to layer -1
Or when you want to combine command

AND CHARACTER moves to layer -1

Or add it to the spot
@CHARACTER spot % X Y in zone 4 at layer -1

It isn’t working

you need to cut to the zone 4 to see them

also make sure they’re facing left

there’s still something wrong!!!

Your scene is not playing because there’s nothing there (no dialogue) you need a pause it so you can actually see them laying