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Which zone is it?

I don’t know this is my first story so I’m new to it

Here’s the thread I made how to upload stuff

What zone should I put it in

Any ideas

Check my bed spot document as I’m not sure because I’m on my phone right now. It should be there



Can we make a scene freeze in a certain position?

I’ve done this
@CHARACTER spot 0.431 194 445 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is sleep_uncomfortable
And it works but how do I put the background in the right zone

So that you can see the character

What do you mean exactly? Can you explain to me what you’re trying to do?

If the character is in zone 2 use @cut to zone 2 or @pan to zone 2

What colours can you use for the choice boxes? Is black one of them?

Also can you change the text style and colour on a choice box?

There’s no black color but there’s a darker one of the style you’re using. You can’t change style unfortunately.

Check all the color choices here:

Here is my script the second to last line isn’t working
It says x is invalid how shall I place it
(I want the camera to follow her walking in

You need to actually put the spots there (numbers) here’s the guide for spot directing and walking to spot:

Thx I understand now I’m sorry if I’ve asked to many question

Ask away :grin: that’s why we here for! To help :grin:

Thx I’ve just finished my first ever episode could I send you a link and maybe you could give me some pointers