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What do you mean exactly? Can you explain to me what you’re trying to do?

If the character is in zone 2 use @cut to zone 2 or @pan to zone 2

What colours can you use for the choice boxes? Is black one of them?

Also can you change the text style and colour on a choice box?

There’s no black color but there’s a darker one of the style you’re using. You can’t change style unfortunately.

Check all the color choices here:

Here is my script the second to last line isn’t working
It says x is invalid how shall I place it
(I want the camera to follow her walking in

You need to actually put the spots there (numbers) here’s the guide for spot directing and walking to spot:

Thx I understand now I’m sorry if I’ve asked to many question

Ask away :grin: that’s why we here for! To help :grin:

Thx I’ve just finished my first ever episode could I send you a link and maybe you could give me some pointers

PM me the link :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thx how do you send the link

Like the character is dancing and it freez in the middle of the dance, is there such thing?
And I’ve seen in some stories as “Adrenaline” that the speed between some scenes is very high it’s like very fast Successively flashbacks how can I do that?
Also in some stories char face is angry but only the mouth changes or eyebrows how can I do that?
Soooorry for my long reply and my bad English but i need this for my script


The share link is towards the bottom of your writing portal in the box that says " Share your story with friends!".

Picture of Link


For the times when just a part of the face changes, they are most likely using overlays that they made of the character in place of the character.

I’m not 100% sure what you are referring to for the flashbacks. And I don’t think there is a way to freeze a dance move. Again, you would have to make an overlay of the character in the position you want.

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For flashbacks just use

&CHARACTER stands screen position AND CHARACTER is action
@pause for 1.5
&CHARACTER stands screen position AND CHARACTER is action
@pause for 1.5

put whatever you want and just adjust the pause to your preferences, just make sure you’ll use & for placing

For character changing face expression authors use this trick:

for example:
@CHARACTER is frustrated
@pause for how long the action last (around 2s usually)
@CHARACTER changes into Your outfit name

it can be the same outfit

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Thank you!
About fast flashbacks I was talking about this

In the minute 16:09 the scenes starts to speed up how can I do that

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Thanks this really solved a problem !

Is it possible to put a gif into a story?

Yes! However, you will need to insert it frame by frame.

this video shows you how to insert the gif frame by frame :slight_smile:


Hello, can someone please tell me how to make some sort of “earthquake” when everything’s shaking, for example when some character is screaming?