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How do you add a cover and a warning page to the beginning of your story ?

There is a background option for a warning page

I wanna add my own warning page

Here’s how to upload cover:

Make sure your warning background fits one zone (unless you want it more) one zone background size - 640x1136, upload as a background then just put it in your script. You can use pause and transition.

For example:
@pause for 3
@transition fade out 2

does anyone know how I can put an overlay in a specific zone in a specific size ? hope I make sense?
I have been trying to figure this out for myself for over an hour and I officially give up trying to do it on my own :joy:

Here’s the thread to answer your questions:

Hey! Could someone please tell me how to change the volume when playing music. Thank you!

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what exactly do you mean? and this isn’t a thread where you can advertise your own story thanks

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OHHHHH nice! Wait so if this is the case why do people use CC templates???

And does it work for Ink too or just LL?

I’m getting an “Error 94” on my previewer and its just a blank screen. Is there something I can do about it or is this a support ticket issue?

Never mind.

Does anyone know the title of this music track that plays in the beginning?

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I’m curious. To avoid the cluster of coding for smoother directing, should I do the @CHARACTER goes to character avatar from here on when allowing readers to customize?

Like…I love this option, but it looks TOO easy lmao, so I’m afraid that there are drawbacks. I don’t wanna end up deleting all the CC code in writing my new story if there’s actual flaws within this command/option. :sweat_smile:

I need help getting a character to run from one zone to another… One of my characters (Sammy) needs to run from zone 2 to zone 1… All of the posts I’ve seen haven’t really made sense so I thought I’d add onto this. I don’t know if it’s important, but the style I’m using is limelight! I just joined so hopefully I’m doing this right :sweat_smile:

The thing with using the character avatar option is that after the reader has chosen their character’s traits you can’t change the character at all.
So let’s say you want to change the hair by using @CHAR changes hair into _____, it won’t work.
The character is set unless you use the character avatar option again.

@CHAR walks to _________ in zone ___ AND CHAR is run behavior

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So we can’t use/paste a template afterwards (for hair and makeup)?

Correct. The code will have no error, but the character won’t change.

Thank you :grin:

Welp good thing I kept a backup, I knew it was too good to be true lmao. Probably a great alternative if authors didn’t care for the readers to change lipstick/hair.