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So we can’t use/paste a template afterwards (for hair and makeup)?

Correct. The code will have no error, but the character won’t change.

Thank you :grin:

Welp good thing I kept a backup, I knew it was too good to be true lmao. Probably a great alternative if authors didn’t care for the readers to change lipstick/hair.

I didn’t know that :astonished:

Yeah, I learned that the hard way :joy:

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Does anybody know how to make the lipstick show as your character is applying it with the animation?

@add Lipstick to CHARACTER

@CHARACTER is apply_lipstick

This prop is hidden and it works only on the app

How do I pan and talk at the same time? Mine always pans then talks.

Is this a hidden animation? What’s the name of it

Use &

&pan to zone #

Thank you!

It’s talk_unsure and it’s in the animations catalog

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Thanks :heart_eyes:

Hi, can someone help me create a camera shake template for this scene in my story?

here’s the example

it really depends where your scene takes place and how do you want your shake to look like

I want a background for a clothing shop, where can I get it from?

there are many creators on Instagram :slight_smile:

note: some drives are closed or you need to fill out the form to access them

oh jeez thanks!