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Which style?


pickup_object_neutral ?

Oh ty

Hey! I was wondering what does the Z mean and how do i get that position when we use @CHARACTER walks to x y z in seconds

Here’s the thread about walking to spot:

General command:

% = size of the character
X = X axis (left, right screen position)
Y = Y axis (up, down screen position)

So has anyone notice how the sound that you add into the stories will shut off if the battery is really low. Is it just my phone doing this or is this normal. Or did I do this wrong when I put the music into the story?

I’m afraid I can’t help as my phone is on silent 24/7 :joy: @RudeInception ?

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Thanks for the reply!

I haven’t noticed this personally, but I do know that the sounds get glitchy. I’ve had times where I’m in the middle of a story and the sound just turns off.

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Yeah, that’s what I have been noticing when I test my story on the app. So it’s just a glitch then. Good, I was worried it was my phone messing with the app.

i need to ask a question: whenever i preview my stories it always comes up with errors such as


i just refresh the page and everything is fine but it’s getting quite annoying :confused:

Seems like everyone getting this errors lately… nothing helps me but maybe you can try:

Hello! I’m trying to follow up on a choice, where the choice “flirtatious” should give an extra bit of conversation. In both the webviewer as on my mobile phone this conversation is missing. Can you please help me spot the mistake?

Thank you in advance!

You have to make sure the choices match exactly.
Capitalize the F in flirtatious and the A in awkward on your if/elif/else branch.

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Ohhh wow I missed that 50 times :woman_facepalming: Thank you!


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i’ve always wondered how to do this: how do you make someone talk for example the mc and another person then people @ the background to be also talking ( just the animation no dialogue) like at the same time?

I’m spotting my male character upside down, and the male character is appearing fine, but the female character which is in a normal spot is appearing too big, no matter what I do. How do I fix this thing?

Use & instead of @.


&BGCHAR1 is talk_think
&BGCHAR2 is nod_loop

CHAR (talk_neutral)