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Hi I need, help I want the overlay blanket under my character but i"m not sure how to get it under her so that she can sit on top of it.

Move your character to layer 1 and blanket to layer -1

Omg thanks so much!

How do i do that though?

There’s no errors in your script so I have no idea why this one appears. Did you try cleaning your browser?

I did the girl in layer 1 but how do I direct where the blanket is?

And when shes in layer 1 you cant see her…

Use: @overlay OVERLAY to layer #

Not a valid command it says

Read my guide :slight_smile:

Did everything work out? :thinking:

thank you so much!

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No problem!

Fix the second Noah dialogue box. It looks like all of the animations after the second Noah dialogue box have periods before and after the parentheses. See if that fixes the problem.

No, not really it was pretty confusing so I decided not to use the overlay. Thanks for asking tho :grinning:

The background is EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - DAY and its panned to zone 3 the characters position is idle_sit_legs_up. Heres what she looks like with the blanket overlay I can’t get it more so under her so that she is sitting on it.

Is this what you mean?

@CHOLE spot 1.108 184 -66

@overlay 5563944707948544_BLANK shifts to -70 0
@overlay 5563944707948544_BLANK scales to 1.000 1.000

Oh wow, you did that so fast lol thanks. :grin:

Does anyone have a script or know how I can do mannequin dressing game? I hope I come to the right place.