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In Pregnant and Flirty (By Megan b.) , there is a male character with a buff body type, I think his name is Jace? Anyway, a thread was opened asking about how to get a character with a buff body, in it someone replied

(Buff ink male body? - #3 by Dara.Amarie):

But, in that story it doesn’t glitch. So I wanted to know if there is a way to code in the Buff body type.

the command for this body type is not working anymore so they must’ve changed it

Thank you! :grin:

Well, thanks for trying to help! :blush::blush::blush:

Hello dear,

I have a problem with character walking on background behind main characters? here is my script
@TOM spot 0.811 42 -21
@TOM enters from left to screen right
&TOM is walk_talk_phone
Whenever I change character spot he is always big as my main characters (i want his to make small while his walking behind)???

you need to use walks to spot command, if you use basic command the character will always be in the default size

Help? I know it exists and i didn’t misspell it. What’s the matter :sob:
Help mee i’m starting give up :joy: :sob:


How do i make a character walk AND think ate the same time?


@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y AND CHARACTER does it while think


@CHARACTER walks to screen position AND CHARACTER does it while think

There’s no walking-thinking animation so character will slide

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thank you so so so much!

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How do I make the screen shake while a character is talking? I tried using @ instead of & and it just comes before the dialogue.

Please help.

you need to use THEN command

&zoom on X Y to % in 0.1 THEN zoom on X Y to % in 0.1 and so on…

Oh, wow that was quick. Thank you so much!

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Hello, I have a stupid problem!
So I have this :
&BG2 walks to spot 1.216 275 -1 in 4 AND BG2 faces right AND BG2 is walk_rear
&LUNA walks to spot 0.810 180 93 in 4 AND LUNA faces right AND LUNA is walk_rear
@pause for 4
@LUNA is idle_rear
@BG2 is idle_rear

And only BG2 turns, Luna is just facing the camera. How can I make her turn?I tried some other things as well but they were just sliding insted of walking or didn’t turn at all


&BG2 walks to spot 1.216 275 -1 in 4 AND BG2 faces right AND BG2 does it while walk_rear THEN BG2 is idle_rear AND BG2 faces right
&LUNA walks to spot 0.810 180 93 in 4 AND LUNA faces right AND LUNA does it while walk_rear THEN LUNA is idle_rear AND LUNA faces right

I’m new and this is a really simple question but how do you have a character do an action without saying anything? Like if I want to have a character read a book silently, I have
ROSA (read_book_open_neutral_loop)
but it says that that’s not a valid command? I know if I have her say something it will work, but I don’t want her to say anything.

@ROSA is read_book_open_neutral_loop


Where do I find the bedroom background that Bella had in Tangled Love? I can’t find it anywhere in the art catalog…