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This is what mine looks like, I’m not very sure as to what’s wrong. I’ll take another look and see what’s wrong.

you have to move your dressing game outside the choice or if/else

if you still need help, send me your script on PM :slight_smile:

How do you guys make the choices effect the episode for example if I had two boys to choose and I chose A what do I do? And what if I chose B? how would I put that in code?

hey guys! Ive seen a few authors do this with intros or lights and I was wondering how you could make an overlay (for example a light fixture or something) look like its flickering on and off?

You need this in PNG file. Check this site:


I’m sure you’ll find some nice overlays :slight_smile:

And lights flickering it’s just the matter of changing opacity.

For example:

@overlay LIGHT opacity 1 in 1.0 THEN overlay LIGHT opacity 0 in 1.0

How can you make a character talk without them being on screen?

Thank you so so much!!!

Yes, just place your character offscreen or in different zone that scene takes place

I’ve been writing in limelight and I do not know how to put a charcater in a different zone, could you give me an example?

All styles works basically the same if it comes to directing (only Classic is a bit different)

place your character offscreen for example:

@CHARACTER stands offscreen left

or in different zone:

@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 3

OK, thanks!

'nother question lol, so for example if I wanted to make it look like someone was stroking their thumb across someones face, how much would I have to rotate the thumb overlay to make it look realistic?

It depends on how your overlay looks. You just have to play around and find the best angle

so I’m having some problems with the speech bubbles can someone help me, please
this is the problem

and I don’t know what to do

Sometimes when characters is laying down or its in smaller size the speech bubble are tend to move. You need to spot direct it. Here’s how:

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thank you so much!

Hi! I’m trying to have readers customize their own characters and found that with the male template, it keeps saying “error” because apparently none of the eyebrows exist.