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How do i fix this


To fix that problem you would type:
sound alarmclock_beep

what I did was remove the dash line (-) and replace it with an underscore (_).

Hope this helps!!:grin:

No, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much

I’m trying to add sound to my story but struggling

here’s the simple guide :slight_smile:

Thank you

How do you delete an episode?

You can’t.

how do i rotate overlays? can someone post all the different directions the can rotate the overlay in? ty

TYSM!!! tenor


How do remembering choices from previous episodes work? Do you just use the if/elif/else code? Do you need to do something in the prev. chapter so that it remembers that choice in the next? Or can you just use the if code normally, like if the choice to remember was in the same episode?

I hope i make sense lol (most likely not)

Everything about remembering choices you can find here:
HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Yes, you’d use the if, elif, else coding to have your options from a choice remembered (if you only had 2 options within a choice, then if, else, would be used) And remembered choices carry on across all episodes within your story.

Okay, TYSM :heart:

The baby prop I used isn’t showing up, I’m not sure what I did. So I decided to try it on the app. Still nothing. Can anyone tell me why the baby won’t show up?

move changing commands before adding a prop

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Oh my gosh you’re amazing. I didn’t even think of that!

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I’m having a problem with placement how do I get the characters whole body in the shot and not half right at the bottom of the screen. Also how do I get four people to stand in a row with their whole body in screen?

You need to make your characters a bit smaller or just move them further on the screen