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Okay, TYSM :heart:

The baby prop I used isn’t showing up, I’m not sure what I did. So I decided to try it on the app. Still nothing. Can anyone tell me why the baby won’t show up?

move changing commands before adding a prop

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Oh my gosh you’re amazing. I didn’t even think of that!

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I’m having a problem with placement how do I get the characters whole body in the shot and not half right at the bottom of the screen. Also how do I get four people to stand in a row with their whole body in screen?

You need to make your characters a bit smaller or just move them further on the screen

Can u help me . Am trying to my character go behind the desk instead in front of it

you need to add a desk overlay to the background


then place your characters at layer -1 and -2 or below

Do u have a desk overlay . Or when can I find it

just copy what I put, there’s a desk overlay already in the art catalog on Episode

um… help me here, the error:52 keep appear even tho the preview didn’t have any problem. It really get my nerve and I really cant stand it anymore

line 1802 delete – on the beginning of the dialogue

I just find out the problem is that the name of the teacher is Mr.Evans and in the code i write it Ms Evans .-.’’ not the – tho

but thanks you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Ok, if you’ve read Back & Forth all the way, you’ll see the male mc’s childhood gf cheating on him with someone with actual visible muscles, is that just a special perks thing or…?

Yes, it’s only available for featured stories

I have a super basic question: How do you add ‘authors notes’ to the beginning or end of an episode? Does anybody have the coding that I can use for that please?

You can use Narrator bubble and create a character named as you or just author


Or use reader message which will appear from the top of the screen and stay for about 5sec

readerMessage your message here

I’m having problems with a characters outfit. When I restart the scene of the web previewer the character is in the outfit that he isn’t suppose to be in until the end of the scene. Here is the script:

@transition fade out black 2

&REESE spot 0.915 268 163 in zone 2 and REESE is idle_sit_sad_loop
@pause for a beat

Reese's living room.

@pan to zone 2

    REESE (idle_sit_serious_loop)
(Why can't I keep calm right now? I feel agitated.This can't be about what Nina said?)

@pan to zone 1
@JAMES enters from left to screen left

    JAMES (talk_greet_neutral)
Reese, your home. I need to talk to you about something important.

@JAMES walks to screen left in zone 2 and REESE is standup_neutral
@REESE walks to screen right in zone 2 and REESE faces left
@pan to zone 2

    REESE (talk_exhausted)
What did you want to talk about, Dad?

    JAMES (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
This is going to sound crazy and far fetched but I just want you to know it is the truth.

    REESE (talk_doubtful)
What is it, Dad? Why would I not believe you?

    JAMES (talk_explain_neutral)
Well...I'm-What's wrong, Reese?

@REESE is idle_exhausted_cramp_loop

    REESE (talk_exhausted)
I have a really bad headache and back ache for some reason.

@REESE is idle_exhausted_cramp_loop

    JAMES (talk_confused_mindblown)
Oh NO! This wasn't suppose to happen yet!

    REESE (talk_exhausted)
What do you mean this wasn't suppose to...OW!

@REESE changes into REESE Dragon Oufit

    REESE (talk_confused_mindblown)

If they’re wearing the outfit you made them change into later on in your script at the beginning of the episode or where you save and test from, then it’s a glitch. Episode has this weird glitch where the character wears the last outfit they tried on

Not to worry, though, it’s only visible to you. Your readers will not experience this glitch, luckily.

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