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If they’re wearing the outfit you made them change into later on in your script at the beginning of the episode or where you save and test from, then it’s a glitch. Episode has this weird glitch where the character wears the last outfit they tried on

Not to worry, though, it’s only visible to you. Your readers will not experience this glitch, luckily.

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HOW TO: Customize Characters

Okay, good! I forget about the web previewer’s glitches sometimes. I haven’t had any happen in quite awhile except when I was putting this one outfit on my username character in the story. It made the character walk in nude in the app. Then on the web previewer part of the outfit had turned white but she was wearing it. I put her in that outfit in the beginning of the next episode and she wore it perfectly. It was weird.


Yeah, some glitches are so weird :rofl: :revolving_hearts:

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Lol very true! :smile_cat:

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hi , i’m newbie in here…
so, hmm… :

  1. i already searching script for incoming messaging but i cannot found.
    can you help me to share script for incoming messaging and sent messaging?

  2. then the second is, if i make script for new name (for reader) , our characther name will automaticly changing right ? so can you share script for first name and last name?

  3. how to writing expressed from the heart in box narrator with our character name on the box?

thank’s before

  1. There’s many ways to make people message each other, the basic one is just use a cell phone background and use NARRATOR with the name of the character

@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 2
@CHARACTER2 stands screen center in zone 2
You have 1 new message.
Are we going out tonight?
Message sent.

  1. Check this thread for type in choices :slight_smile:

A Guide to Typed-in Choices

  1. It’s just:


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Thank you very much for replying to all my questions…:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
now I can continue my story :blush:

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Hey I got a question! How can I delete a story that I will never publish? cause the website doesn’t show a “delete” button :frowning:


You, can’t but please support this thread:

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did i missed something?

ohh my bookmark :sweat_smile:


You need to capitalise “I” also you need a dialogue before the word choice

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ah yeah capitalise :woman_facepalming:

dialogue before the word choice ?:thinking:




Like in example I left you above.


still don’t understand:rofl::joy::woman_facepalming::pray::pray:


You have 1 new message.
“Open your message” {
Sasha, i’m still in Mr.ROy office :frowning:
He really upset…
I can’t meet with you and Makayla, so you can go home without me
Ok, goodluck with Mr.Roy :smiley:

Message sent.



You need a dialogue before the WORD choice. That the way it has to be otherwise you’ll get an error.

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ty so much… now i understand lol…
how stupid am i :rofl::rofl::joy:
maybe im too tired… need some sleep :joy:

U said I can ask anything 😂

Do u think someone should make a ~fake~ request thread. What I mean by that is, the request thread will be like a school. So anyone that applys and is new to creating covers, splashes, and etc will be able to learn. People will request, knowing that they are new and possibly don’t know what they’re doing. I’m just curious. It’s mainly for fun!

I just want an opinion.

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Please help me
I don’t know if something wrong with my code
about sound/music thing



Yes, why not :smiley:


can you post more script?