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thank you so much

delete @ from the sound and maybe add @pause for a beat after it

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thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also add @pause for 0 after it instead of @pause for a beat, so that means there is no pause at all

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how about putting some music
how can I code it without error
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Check out: A Simple Guide to Using Sound Effects and Music

Example from @ Dara.Amarie :

music music_fashionedge
volume music 50 2000

(with the above commands, the music volume will go to level 50 in 2 seconds)

its still an error it still don’t play the sound

Try refreshing the page : )

I already do it 5 times still having an error to the preview


If you don’t want a pause, don’t put pause for 0 because it doesn’t make sense. But if you want a pause put:
@pause for a beat

If you want a pause for more than one beat add this:
@pause for (insert number)
And if this doesn’t work try capitalizing the and

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all of the episode original stories don’t give me gems and they don’t have that special e on the top left corner of the story before you click it. i emailed them about this but got nooo answers;(
@JemU776 @queen_rosee

Um, so what is the best way to write a story with a writting partner. Like who does it work or like what is the best way to do it efficiently :sweat_smile:

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what should i do? say yes or no

PM @Jeremy with your ticket number :slight_smile:

is it cover yours? :slight_smile: click yes, and save!


I plan to start a story with my friend and she’s doing all the writing, I’m doing the directing part :slight_smile: but it depends on you and your writing partner how you want to do it.

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my cover still pending review:thinking:
how long i wait until my cover is changing?:thinking:
ty so much for helping:pray:

it depends it can be a few hours, or a few days, even a few weeks…

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ty so much for helping me

no problem :smiley: