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Hey! Does anyone know the name of the background in which has a parking lot in it? I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you in advance!

does anyone know the animation for ink females where they stand and have kind of a surprised face but isn’t trying to show it. Sorry if I’m not explaining properly.

GEORGIA CHURCH? :thinking: I’m not sure :joy:

End of animation shush? :thinking:

Is there a way to make your own props?

Nope, unfortunately there’s no way to make your own props, but you can always use overlays but you would need to make sure to find a good animation. Check out this thread for hidden props :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Sorry to bother you!

No problem :blush: and my thread is for helping so don’t think that you’re bothering me :grin:

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thanks I’ll check it out

@Apes That background’s actually really close to what I was looking for. It’s a view of an entire parking lot seen in Demi Lovato and It Starts With A Bra. There’s a white car parked in it, I think, and other vehicles in it, too. And it’s not Campus Entrance.

How do I read stories that others created? There are only 10-15 stories to read on the App and they’re all ones by the actual Episode people

You click on the button with 3 lines on the top left corner of your device’s screen. Then select the button “genre” and choose the type of stories you want to read. Whether you want Romance, Mystery, Fantasy or Horror, you can read all of the stories created by others! If you feel like reading the stories which are trending on the Episode App that are written by others, click on the tab “User’s Stories” and on Stories We Love. There You can find the ones that are currently trending. Every story in this Tab has been created by others and not Episode, so you can definitely check them out!

when i click the buttons with the 3 lines, the only options are home or settings, is there a different app for community stories?

Oh that’s really weird, normally it would give you the “Genre” tab along with other things. Try refreshing the app by exiting it and re-opening it. If the problem consists, try sending a support ticket to Episode in the settings catalog. Or re-download the app if you must, but save your progress first!

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What’s the difference on using @ and &?

Can anyone help me with placing filters? I’m a bit confused here.

It’s probably a hidden background then, check some editors drives, I’m sure you’ll find something :smiley:

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can you take a screenshot inside your app?

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Are you logged in? Can you see a profile?

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