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Has anyone come across this error before? I was testing out my story when this happened.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. What does gain mean?
  2. What does gain do for a story?

More questions:

  1. How can I make choices affect the story? (Like make choices matter)

Thank you, i’ll give this a try. It’s a shame that the episodes own looping backgrounds aren’t working.

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Thank you!!

Post your script please :slight_smile:

Gain method are the choices that matter. Gains are flags that you use to remember things, that will happen in the future episodes.


A bit more explanation what are gains:

The part where the arrow is the part that I having trouble with. The plate is suppose to shift to those coordinates but that error pops up when it gets to that point. The Script doesn’t pick up on the error at all.

Have you created the overlay on the script?


&overlay OVERLAY NAME create
&overlay OVERLAY NAME scales to **
&overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to **
&overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity * in *

And is the overlay name correct?

I’m sorry I meant to upload the picture but I didn’t. I did use the create overlay command.

Is this showing at this point?

Also, change your coding for if/elif and put quotations marks around the choice word

if (FOOD is “Eggs”){

No, it’s not showing the shift at all. The plate stays at the first shift point in the create command part.

Are you sure these a right spots? C

I’m testing out the story now. I think I figured out what went wrong. I must have copied and pasted the command and forgot to change the name of the overlays with their corresponding choices.

I fixed it! I also had to move the overlays to and Charlotte character to different layers. Thank you for you help!
@Jade.epi Thank you for your help as well!


How can i make the music fadee ;-;

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Can you show your script? As I don’t know what do you mean exactly.

Hi, I’m having trouble with making my character reflect in the mirror… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but this is the script and the result…

@zoom reset
@overlay MIRROR create AND overlay MIRROR opacity 1 AND overlay MIRROR moves to layer 2 AND overlay MIRROR scales to 2.242 2.242
@ASHLEY1 stands screen right in zone 3 AND ASHLEY1 moves to layer -1 AND ASHLEY stands screen right in zone 3 AND ASHLEY moves to layer 3
@ASHLEY1 changes into Nightwear_girl10
@ASHLEY changes into Nightwear_girl10
@ASHLEY enters from left to screen center AND ASHLEY1 enters from left to screen center AND ASHLEY1 moves to layer -1 AND ASHLEY moves to layer 3
@ASHLEY faces right AND ASHLEY is rear AND ASHLEY1 moves to layer -2


Is she behind the overlay then she’s moving in front of it?

Normally I placed Ashley1 on layer -2 (the reflaction) and the overlay on layer 2
But Ashley1 keeps standing in the front, I don’t know what, but it irritates me…

are you in zone 2? you need to move your overlay to zone 2, you didn’t use scales to command so it might be in different place than you want it