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Hi all!

I have added characters into my scene, but when I review it on the app, it shows that they aren’t even on the screen. I try spot directing them, and it shows that they are in the scene but I can’t find them. How would I go about fixing this issue?

Ex. I have three characters but only two show on the screen.

Thank you, Cortney

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Try closing the app and re opening. Sometimes the app glitches and characters don’t show. Also check you’ve spelt the characters name right and you have spot directed to a certain zone if you’re not in zone 1 :slight_smile:


I will try that, I have tried to spot direct them in different instances, and it still shows them in a different location. haha

How can I do a facetime conversation with three people, and with different backgrounds for each person?

I already saw one with a conversation for 2 people but not three.

You need to upload a split screen BG as an overlay. Background & CHAR1 at layers 0&1. Split screen OL at layer 2 and CHAR2&3 at layer 3&4. You will have to bring the overlay down so there is room for CHAR1 at the top. This is the most common way of doing it. I can upload an example later :slight_smile:

I hope the picture is easy to follow lol SS taken from I feel it coming - by A.P.

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This really helped me! thank you so muchh

Do you maybe know if she has a drive so I can maybe use it?


Unfortunately not. But there are loads of others have backgrounds like these :slight_smile:

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Any idea who may has an overlay/background like this? :slight_smile:

How do I make a speech bubble on the phone screen without the character in the corner?

Off the top of my head, no :see_no_evil: I’m sure there is split screen BGs in the episode catalog. You can save these and convert them to PNG and upload them as an overlay :slight_smile:

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Place your character off screen or you can use a narrator bubble
dialog here


pls help me

Put a space between RAVEN and the animation on each of the lines see if it works :slight_smile:

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Heyy guyyss! So I’m working on a story where I’m giving an option to play either as male or female. But of course there must be some problem. 1. I get an option to choose if you wanna be a girl or boy and then I’m giving an option to customize. But when I want to add IF option or normally add it to the choice, it writes that I can’t have labels in IF or {} so what should I do? Customizations can’t be without labels and I don’t know what to do! Please help someone.

This is a template for choosing the MC gender and how to use the if/else from @Dara.Amarie


Thank you so much

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OMG thanks so much!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sob::sob:

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How do you make choices again?

“Option 1”{
Option 1 scene goes here
“Option 2”{
Option 2 scene goes here
Story continues here.

always always have narration or character dialog before the word choice or you’ll get an error