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Try @MR REN enters from left to screen center AND MR REN does it while run_jog

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sorry i highlighted the wrong place hope you can still understand it

without the “faces right”

It works thanks alot

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Do the Ink colors for lipcolors work in Limelight? I saw some LL stories that had CC with them!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on Writer’ Portal.

I believe they are named different as LL have gloss and matte colours whereas ink doesn’t.
Check out Dara’s templates below to see the different lip colours in both styles!

@Jade.epi is right. You must use LL lip color names when using LL. What most likely happened is that the author of the story, you saw the CC in, used a CC template that was designed for Ink CC and they just switched out the color names on the code without switching the color names of the choices that are visible to the reader.

So wait, sorry I’m a bit confused and slow lol. So technically, those Ink “colors” are really just Limelight but have a different name?

I’m only mentioning this because I just tried “YOU changes mouthColor into Ruby Red” in my LL story and it actually worked. I don’t think I see an equivalent of the shade in LL portal though I might just be blind.

Hmm… interesting. And it doesn’t bring up errors on the script?

Okay, I’m having a problem with layer three overlays together. I need the bruise overlays on top of the Murder victim overlay.

&overlay MURDER VICTIOM moves to layer 1
&overlay BRUISE 2 moves to layer 2
&overlay BRUISE 1 moves to layer 2

So when you’re dealing with overlays you use the following layer command:

@overlay OVERLAY NAME to layer ___

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Oh okay! I changed the overlays to that command but I’m still not seeing the bruise overlays on top of the murder victim overlay.

Can I see your code, please

Yes, here is the screen shot of my script.

Well, no, the bruise overlays won’t show up above the victim overlay because they’re at a lower layer than the victim. The bruise overlays should be at layer 5 or higher. Also you have a typo. One of the VICTIMs is spelled like VICTIOM.

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I just now noticed the typo before you replied. I fixed that part. Okay, I will put them at a higher level and let you know if that fixes it.

It fixed it! Thank you for your help!

Yw :ok_hand:t3:

@Apes what about if you wanted the character to walk off screen? What would you change?

What do you mean?