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Hello! Does anyone has a template with the new choices in hairstyle?

This is Dara’s don’t forget to give credit :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Do outfits carry over to the next scenes and episodes or do I need to keep putting @CHARACTER changes into Outfit each time? On pc preview they don’t carry the same, so I’m confused.

Also, what does gain do in outfit choices? I never knew how gain worked?


Yes, the outfit does carry out into the next episode. The app gives a more accurate depiction of your story, things that the web previewer won’t register. So for things like that, I always recommend checking your story on the app previewer. Sometimes there can be glitches though, so make sure to read thru your story before publishing, just to be sure that the outfit transferred.

Using gains is one of the methods available for remembering past choices. Gains, specifically, are like flags you collect depending on a choice. Here’s a link to an awesome post that explains how you can use them (section number 2).
But, I do NOT recommend you use gains for outfit choices. It’s possible to do so, but it requires a far more complicated choice command set up. If done incorrectly, your code won’t work properly.

hi Apes, do you know how to add more background to our story with our file from document?

This isn’t anything to do with the script but I’m kind of having writers block and I don’t plan things out much
What do you think helps get someone motivated to write?

When it gave me an error for putting the white coffee mug in my script, now when I try to remove it it says this.

So you just go to the background section and then you hit the tab Backgrounds: Available for ALL Stories and there you should get a drop down menu. Click on the option: Backgrounds: Uploaded to YOUR Account. There you’ll be directed to the page where you can upload your own backgrounds.

I fixed it, it doesn’t happen when you do “save and preview” for some reason.

This a tough one. Really we all lose motivation at one time or another. I think what helps me sometimes is to put the story down for a sec and think about my character’s journey. Think about how I want them to grow, and that will sort of form a path for where I want the story to go. I also try and take some time to chill and not stress myself over bumps in the road. Going out for some air or doing some reading or even watching a well written tv show/movie does the trick when I’m feeling stuck. Also, discussing your story with a friend is always a great way to review your progress and come up with ideas for future events. I would be happy to hear about your story if you want to try that last option. Just pm me.
But in general, my best advice would be: Relax. Inspiration comes when our mind is free and unworried.


Thank you, I think I’ve stressing too much over the fact that i have writers block. I didn’t even think about the characters journey. Thanks a bunch

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I would check it’s saved on your app then log out then in again. If it hasn’t saved, open another tab and copy and paste your script. If you don’t log out regularly then you’ll be logged out automatically once a week (this happens to me every Sunday :upside_down_face:) this is the message that comes up when it’s trying to kick you off lol.

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ty so much for ur explanation

LL smoking animation name pls? :heart:

LL doesn’t have a smoke animation.

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Thank god. Like… Not that I’m happy bout that but I just really hoped I’m not that blind. Well, thnks sm still! :grin::heart::heart_eyes:

Does it effect outfit choices? I do not use the gains system at all but I do have choices for clothing.

It will affect outfit choices. Unless you’ll give an option to choose outfit again in the skip part