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NARRATOR () in the parenthesis you’d put in the character’s name
Like so:

thank you so much well appreciated and one more question do you have any suggestions on websites or apps to do covers

No, I just use a bunch of overlays and filters and then screenshot it on my iPhone and use the iPhone’s editing software to add the text.

ok thanks again

No problem!

Please Help Me With Thisss

apes or somebody can help me? :sob::sob::sob::sob:

how to cut zone from 1 to 3 BUT with extra cast in every camera move to another zone AND how to camera move to another zone is very smooth not rough

Just put characters before using & not @

So for example:
&CHARACTER1 stands screen center in zone 1
&CHARACTER2 stands screen left in zone 1
&CHARACTER3 stands screen right in zone 2
&CHARACTER4 stands screen center in zone 3
@pan to zone 3

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why i’m so forgetful ?!
i wrote @CUT not @PAN :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:
that’s why not working:rofl::joy::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

ty so much apes:wink::hugs::hugs:

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okay, I don’t know if this makes sense, but is there a way to put more than one panel in so you can have more people in one frame?? I know it’s weird but idk tbh pls help me :sweat:

Technically you can but it won’t look good, you could zoom out the background to show more zones but it will be black around it.

You can fit a lot of characters in one zone, just use Spot Directing :slight_smile: you can also place them in 3-4 zones and just an to show that the scene is busy :slight_smile:

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Okay! But what does 3-4 zones mean?
(And also thanks for responding so fast! :blush:)

3-4 panels I mean :slight_smile: Every background is 1-4 panels long

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I thought you could only get 3, and thank you because i zoomed out as much as i could without the black lines, I thought about it before, but I thought there might be a legitimate way to do it :sweat_smile:

I am new , i dont even know if this is how i make a post…

Anyways i have an error and i dont know how to fix it:
the error message says unexpected dialog error: “tell him the truth.” {

Classes were good.
After school I …


"tell him the truth."{

    IVY (talk_think_neutral)
Charlie took me for a walk to this cool place in the forest, we hungout for a bit and talked

    UNCLE MITCH (talk_argue_angry)
It isn't safe.

Well how would i have known that? You wont talk to me about what happened!

    UNCLE MITCH (talk_argue_defensive)
I do not have to explain to you! Winter is dead! That is that.
I am not going to continue this conversation tonight.

@UNCLE MITCH exits from right.

You need to add choice right before “tell him the truth” Then it should work :relaxed:
Like this;

choice"tell him the truth"{



What I use is Picmonkey and its works great but if you are like me and don’t want to pay I just take a pic of it on my phone :joy::joy::joy:

thank you, do i have to write choice in front of the second option as well?

never mind i got it haha, its so finicky sometimes. i was doing choices fine the last three days, for some reason today i cant do anything:joy:

Could someone explain to me how to do text messages?

for example my character is in her room right now… id like her to get a buzz or whatever for a message notification, then be able to look at a phone screen and text her friend. Is that possible?

thank you!