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You’d do @pan to zone 3

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Ohh… :sweat_smile: thank you!

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No problem!

How to put character on this bed

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ok thanks

okay thank you ! did i reply right this time haha>?

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How would you rotate an overlay the other way?
Like, counterclockwise?

It would be negative, to rotate 180 counter clockwise would be -180

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You beat me to it, lol.

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Ah okay thank you!

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Hey, i Have a question.

My character is sitting on her bed im using spot direct, This is what it looks like :

@zoom reset

@cut to zone 3
@IVY stands upscreen left AND IVY faces right

@IVY changes into IVY_Nighttime_Walk

@IVY spot 0.992 135 245 AND IVY faces right AND IVY starts idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop

music music_slowjam

sound ding

@speechbubble is 238 407 to 72% with tail_bottom_left
(Oh its Lexx<3)
My question is how can i get her to do other actions while already in a spot direct and already in a idlel.

The same question also for if i want her to (talk)

usually when i try other actions, she ends up standing up and doing them.
I cant figure out how to keep her sitting in the same spot.


There are sitting actions and standing up actions if you want her to stay sitting you have to use the sitting actions.

you can zoom in while she sits, and use normal standing animations so it gives an illusion that she sits

Wouldn’t it look weird since the character is on the bed?

many authors using this, and I don’t think this looks weird

Hey, I saw a lot of people using this thing to describe their characters but I don’t know how to do it.
Can you help me please.

How to make all his specifications appear like this?

You can’t, unfortunately. This is an old format of the characters creation but you can always take a screenshot and write your characters features on some editing app or program :smile:

Yeah! :joy:

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