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hi does anyone know how to make someone talk but they arent on stage?

thank you :wink:

place your character in different zone than scene takes place

thanks again

I wanna ask does anybody knows about the reader rentention? Can authors see it or it’s just a reference for the Episode team

no authors can’t see reader retention, but you can support this idea here

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I will, thx

I’ve been wanting to know this for AGES but I can’t seem to find the answer. How do you delete replays on the Episode app? Is it even possible? Because for my stories I’ve used 5 replays but I need new ones. I can’t just reset story progress either because I changed a feature in my character that won’t show up.

Please help!

you used replays for you own story?

Yes, I didn’t know how to use the navigation tool so I used replays instead, without really knowing. Now I know how to do that, but I’ve already used up all of my replays. Do you know how to delete them?

I don’t think you can delete them, but open the app, then go to create section, you’ll find your story there :slight_smile: you don’t need to use replays, you can navigate through the scenes and episodes

I know, but I have this feature that won’t change even if I use update story, so I think doing a replay will fix this issue. Because I previously made a character look a certain way, and used all of my replays with the character looking like that. However, now, I changed what she looks like again and when I read through it on my phone then I still have the old appearance of my character. :slight_smile:

reset your story progress, you can also add your new features on the beginning of your story

It doesn’t work.

Let me explain the issue. So I am writing a book called The Makeover, and at first, the character needs to be “ugly” so that’s what I tried to do. At the time, I didn’t know how to use navigation so I just did replays instead. I then carried on writing my story, and everything was fine.

Then, some new features came out, so I decided to change the character’s appearance and change her hairstlye, face shape etc. However, now, the changed features will not show up, so the previous look of the character shows up instead since I’ve already used up all of my replays. Even if I do reset story progress, the character still looks the same as before I changed her appearance.

I also don’t know how to contact episode directly, so I can’t ask them for help either.

Qlike I said you can try put at the features at the beginning so it will “reset” her, it should be fine after that, you can send a ticket here but they’ll probably tell you the same thing

Okay thanks, I’ll see if this works

how do i get a character to sink to their knees crying?

You will have to use zooming and character spot directing to have this effect.
@CHAR spot 1.280 150 0 AND CHAR is cry_sob_loop
@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 150 -100 AND CHAR does it while cry_sob_loop THEN CHAR is cry_sob_loop
This is very basic :point_up_2:
You can then use zooms to your preference :slight_smile:

thank you so much! <3333

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but do you know how to do it smoothly? your’s really helped me but the process wasn’t as smooth as i’ve seen in other stories.