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Freddie needs to be in all caps to show that he is a character.


Oh thank you!


PLZ HELP! I need an animation with a character lying on their sides with their arms beneath the head but I cant seem to find this animation in the art catalog.


If you are talking about INK, maybe try idle_lay_exhausted or sleep_uncomfortable_awake. Do you have any pics of what animation you are talking about?


How can I make sure readers need to type an anwser ?
what is you’re firstname?
(place where they can anwser)


Not sure if this will help, but read this


I’m creating a story with female/ male cc ( you can choose which one you wanna be) I have the templates my problem is that I don’t know what to do now how do I have to write from here do I need to type if/else statements the whole time or labels? I can’t seem to find an anwser…


I am not sure if this is what you mean, but I think it’s so difficult.


Back again! I was wondering, I’m doing a scene where the MC is in zone 2 to the left of a park background and another character has to enter from the right, but everytime I try it, he just appears to the left of the MC and he’s in zone 1. I’ve tried spot directing and it doesn’t work. Help please?!


Could I please see the script?



From where he enters or the start of the scene?


From the start c:


How do you get 2 people to sit down in a class room in limelight?


Check out: HOW TO: Place Characters Behind A Desk


my code keeps lagging! i have 1100 lines (mostly a cc template) but it was lagging even before i had the template. anyway, it freezes and i can’t click anything. (other tabs work though; just the one with the code freezes). I don’t have many other tabs open, and i’ve quit all my apps but it still lags (for up to half an hour!) has this happened to anyone else and do you have tips?


did you check on the phone if everything works right?


Sorry if the answer is somewhere obvious, but… do character points automatically carry over to each episode?


like with a point system ? well then you need to have they right coding I think you need to use gains if I’ m correct then these will remember the character points


with the point system that is like @CHAR1 +2. I don’t know how to get the points to carry over and i cant seem to find help with that.