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i’ll pm you my code if it says unfrozen long enough for me to copy it…

if you’re experiencing it too, it might just be a problem with episode

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Do people wanna have more non romantic stories without bad boys and something actually unique, different, and amazing?

Of course! :grin:

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Hey I need some help with overlays, I coded this and I have my mc in bed, I want the blanket overlay to be on top of her but the blanket its still showing behind her
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@AVA spot 1.280 160 0
@AVA moves to layer 0
@overlay 5651920174907392_BLANKET shifts to 1 -59
@overlay 5651920174907392_BLANKET scales to 1.000 1.000

spot director

I don’t und why I can’t upload it lol, I thought it was big enough?

it needs to be 640 x 1136 like it says there

Hey! How can I move a character to a back position and, at the same time, change his scale?
Thank u <33


No, what I mean is like, the character walks to a position in the back and as he does that, his scale changes, due to the perspective

Oh, I get it. Use walk_rear command (this one is for INK, I’m not sure of LL)

@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in S AND CHARACTER faces left(or right) AND CHARACTER does it while walk_rear


check out this guide as well :slight_smile:

Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

You should get this app to do it


And how can I put a character “taller” in all scenes?

you need to use spot directing in every scene to make a character taller

Really? Thank u

unfortunately, yes :confused:

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hmm ok thx