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Why is there an error on this particular overlay. Maybe I did something wrong on the script?
Here is the script
Yes, they let me be with other’s, but I can’t let any friendships to happen.
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD shifts to -102 133 in zone 1
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD scales to 0.165 0.165 in zone 1
@KANE is sit_laugh_crack_up AND AURORA is talk_sit_neutral_deny
&overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD shifts to -53 154 in zone 1
&overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD scales to 0.180 0.180 in zone 1
&ADALINE spot 0.685 -31 212
@pause for a beat
&AGATHA is talk_sit_doubtful AND AURORA is idle_sit_slouch AND KANE is talk_sit_neutral_arms_crossed
&ADALINE walks to spot 0.608 271 222 in 5
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD shifts to 254 142 in zone 1 in 5
@overlay 6345514407428096_HAND AND FOOD scales to 0.165 0.165 in zone 1 in 5
@pause for a beat

it’s a name HAND AND FOOT. AND is recognized as a command you need to re-upload this overlay under a different name

Oooooooohh, yeah it is. Thank you so much <3

hi i’m taking the term ‘stupid question’ to the next level with this one… but how do i do a solid color background?

you need to find one and upload one :slight_smile:

Here’s how to upload

thank you!

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The app was really useful and its easy to use, thx for suggesting it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re welcome sweetie! :heart::heart:

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How would you place a rotating overlay that’s on loop in a certain spot?

Play around with your anchor point, and check out this thread here:

let me know if you need more help with it!

I’m still a little confused. I didn’t really see where it said where I could place the overlay when it’s rotating. :sweat_smile:

do you have coordinates for the overlay?

Here’s my script…


did you place your overlay with the background?


try this:

&overlay WHEEL rotates 360 anchor point .5 .5 in 10 THEN overlay WHEEL rotates 0 anchor point .5 .5 in 0 loop INFINITE times

or 359 instead of 360

check your anchor point as well, maybe different one will work it better :slight_smile:

Do you think you could tell me about anchor points and how they work? :sweat_smile:
I only know so little about it.

This one is from guides :smiley:

  1. How to Rotate Overlays

This one’s tricky. An overlay’s rotation depends on its anchor point. Imagine that the anchor point is where you stick a pin through the overlay; it’s the point about which the overlay spins.


to be honest, I don’t know how to explain it better :sweat_smile:

Thanks anyways! :blush: