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Okay thanks for letting me know.

How is this possible, or am I just being stupid?

maybe it didn’t update it right away :smiley:

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Hi, can anyone help me here

So I’m trying to figure out how to let the nurse be next to the patient and she working on her but I don’t know how to do it.

How do you make the speech bubbles at the top apear and how to make the screen shake?

You need to move your characters using spot directing and use some rear command (you can search it up in the behaviour catalog)

Check this thread about spot directing:

Speech bubble from the top:

readerMessage your message here

Screen shake example:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank You so much

Ik this one is really stupid but i haven’t been in forum in a long time and I forgot how to post a question😐

just click on New Topic on the main page

Ok thank you so much😃

How do you do this anomation??! Can’t find it anymwhere! (:

Hi i need help with spot directing
&SOFIA walks to spot 1.244 153 35 in 2 AND SOFIA does it while walk_rear THEN SOFIA is rear AND SOFIA faces right
For this coding she doesnt STAY rear and I want her to stay rear instead she is idle but i want her to be rear how do i fix this?

What is the difference between INT. BLACK - DAY and INT. BLACK - NIGHT?
They look same to me so why do we need to have both of them?

They literally look the same, lol.

You could try THEN SOFIA is idle_rear or THEN SOFIA starts idle_rear

That’s the end of flirt_fingersnap

hi i’m new and i see a lot of art in other episode’s how can i edit art in my episode?

  • how do you make it :heart_eyes:

heyy it’s me again… i really need to know, how i can edit an outfit for my charactar without making it a choise, like a party dress for just one scene