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Thank you!

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hello can someone help? I need a choice where reader has to type in asnwer :slight_smile:


input Question? | Question? | Done (ANSWER)


Oh, and if there is one correct asnwer it wont let them go thru?


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Tysm <3

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Im having this problem
I want this

boat overlay to go to the center of this background

as if it was really being driven but how do I do that"


I can’t see a background but did you try to use directing helper and overlay helper?

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Not yet


I fixed it


you want it to be in the centre as in zone 2?

Just put:


then use directing helper and overlay helper to change the size and placement


Is there a way to have multiple characters change outfits at the same time?


Just use changing command one after another one :slight_smile:


Another stupid Question. Can i use BOTH the “avatar name-input” and “LL customization” templates after one another? if so, What do i label the character as? i keep trying to follow everyone’s threads but i am still confused.


JK I got it!


You got it now? :smiley:


Can someone help me with this? The girls are suppose to behind Deric.
Here is the screenshot:


You can put girl in lower layer and boy in hight layer like-
@GIRL moves to layer 0 AND DEREK moves to layer 2

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Okay, I’ll try that out later tonight after work. Thank you.

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