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What is the best way to transition from one scene to another?


You can use iris in/out, fade in/out, and shade up/down. Iris is good for showing time change but I would only use in or out (not both). Fade is a good anytime transition. It looks good when you finish the scene with fade out then fade in the following scene. Curtain is the weird one to me. I will sometimes use it for room changes.


There’s a lot of ways!
You can choose from:

  • fade (which is the most popular, I use it a lot when the scene happens sometime later) in/out

  • iris (which looks like a clock, it’s showing that time passed.) in/out

and next ones which I didn’t use yet:

  • shade (up/down)

  • curtain (in_left, out_left, in_right, out_right, in_top, out_top, in_bottom, out_bottom)

You can also choose the colour. The default one is black.

  • white
  • yellow
  • blue
  • green
  • red
  • magenta
  • orange
  • grey

and time:
@transition fade out 2
(that’s mean the scene will fade out in 2 sec,)
You can choose whatever (0.5, 3, 0.4). I personally use longer time transitions when it’s a time jump.

I use splash cards as well after the transition (not always) It’s a just random background, and I use:

“The next day”, “Later on” or “Meanwhile” so the reader knows how much time passed.

For flashbacks, it is the best to use white transitions.
Also if you use fast, bright color transitions try to put a seizure warning before it, someone might be sensitive.

Hope this helps!



How can I change the colors of the choices? (Locked, Golden, etc)


You can choose from:

  • GREEN (which is the darker color)

  • PREMIUM (the golden choice)

  • LOCKED (it has a padlock)

< GREEN>“Option One” {

}< PREMIUM>“Option Two”{


Note: I had to put space after the < because it wouldn’t save otherwise


Thank you!


Thank you so much, Apes. This really helps!


Hello everyone !

I’m new here and I was wondering if anyone know how to end a music/sound because the directing music off dosen’t work with my script even if I change some lines.

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I think that to turn off sound is sound off but you don’t need to turn a sound off, it should automatically end when the sound is complete. Music should turn off with music off. Make sure you are not doing it directly after the music or using an @. There could also be something different wrong with your script and the error search is just blaming something else.


Thank you so much !

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Hey ! It’s me !
Again x)

I’m very sorry if I disturb you but music don’t stop if I write music off :confused:
Here is the script:


sound music_sadgoodbye

@transition fade in black 15


BLA BLA BLA (during 1-2 minutes)

music off


sound juvie_somber

If I wrote @music off, warning will say that this is not a valid directing command.


I’m having the same problem. My music won’t turn off even after I use music off

Update: I replaced music off with sound off and my music actually turned off.
I recommend trying that.


It actually works !
I change some lines and place sound off and MIRACLE, it works !!!

Thanks to you two @Starlynn and @Purple_Ghost :smile:



So yes, looking at your script the reason music off didn’t work is because you were using music as a sound, therefore like @Starlynn said you must use the sound off.

music for music
sound for sound


I actually have a problem with the app. Whenever I try to record myself playing on EPISODE, I end the video, and it tells me, “Sorry recording failed. Try again”. Does anyone know the purpose of this, or how to fix it? I made a topic on my account so check it out if you need to contact me. Please I need help. :sleepy:


I actually had the same problem not so long ago, but it fix itself after a few days. If you don’t want to wait send a support ticket to episode team :slight_smile:


Ok thanks so much!


So, I was wondering if I could write something after a locked choice telling the reader why it’s locked. Does anyone know how to do that?

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Just add narration before the goto label.

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